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real estate marketing.

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More than a tool, Properti-Go is a platform that integrates mobile app, website & social media to support all phases of marketing process. It is designed to take real estate marketing to the next level.






Building and managing contents has never been this easy.

Post once, publish everywhere.

You only need one control panel for all of your digital marketing channel. When you post new content, it will be pushed to the mobile app, website and social media.

Modular components.

You can decide the modules that are added to the mobile app and website. If you need some additional functions that are not available, we are open for custom development just for you.

App Store & Google Play ready.

We will take care the hassle of of uploading your app to the App Store and Google Play with no additional charge.

Flexible data integration.

You can easily import & export data from Properti-Go control panel in CSV format for easy integration with your existing CRM and ERP systems.

Wow your customers with engaging presentation to inspire a connection.

Premium minimalist design.

With 9 years of experience in real estate marketing, we provide you with a polished visual design that will leverage your brand image. Optionally, we can provide a custom design to better suits your existing visual branding style.

Virtual Tour. Bringing the luxury to life.

Impress your potential buyers with 360° virtual tour, where they can walk around and feel the sensation as if they were here. Connect your smartphone to VR headset for more immersive VR experience.

Explore just about everything.

A complete project details in one place: intro, masterplan, facilities, location, contact, pdf brochure, documents, photo & video gallery.

Simplify booking process. Keep customers in the loop. Sell more.


Agents and customers can search for available units through the product catalog, find the perfect option for them, then book it instantly. They could also check the order status anytime.

Visual Stack

Showcase your available units, price and details in real-time through visual diagrams with interactive pop-ups and color coded charts. No more endless calls from agents asking for unit status and price updates.

Promo & Updates

Share the latest news, events, progress & promotions to keep agents and customers in the know, including push notification for the mobile app.

The future is at your fingertips now. Let’s go.

We’d love the opportunity to demo Properti-Go to your team, answer your questions and explore whether Properti-Go could be a good fit for your upcoming or existing project.

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